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Different Types of Teeth

Human beings just like the other mammals have different types of teeth. The teeth are made of calcium and are predominately used to chew food. Different types of teeth are meant to chew different foods since the digestion of most of the solid foods that human beings eat begins in the mouth.

We need to take care of our teeth since if we fail to do so, we might lose them and may thus not enjoy some foods. The tooth can be categorized into four parts, which is the enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp. There is the mouth treatment in the event your teeth gets damaged. This read explores the different types of the human teeth.


dentist examining a patient's mouth The incisors refer to the eight teeth that are located at the front part of the mouth. Four is usually on top while the other four are at the bottom. When we bite food, these are the type of teeth that are used.

The incisors are usually the first set of teeth to erupt in a child. For the milk teeth, they erupt from six months onward. The adult set, however, erupts, when we are between the ages of six and eight. The teeth might erupt early or late in some individuals since we have different development patterns.


The canines are usually the next set of teeth to develop after the incisors. The canines are the sharpest teeth and are used to tear and rip food apart. The first canines usually appear when an individual is between 16 and 20 months. The upper canines typically erupt first before the lower canines erupt later. When it comes to the permanent teeth, it is the lower canines that erupt first at the age of nine while the upper canines erupt at the age of twelve.


dentist checking a patient The premolars are also referred to as the bicuspids and are used for grinding and chewing food. The permanent premolars are usually eight in number and are located on each side of the mouth.

We do not have the primary premolars with the first set appearing when an individual is ten years old. The secondary premolars usually appear twelve months later. As the name suggests, the premolars appear before the molars.


Last but not least we have the molars. The molar just like the premolar is used for grinding and chewing food. The primary molars are also referred to as the deciduous molars and usually appear when the individual is between twelve and twenty-eight months old. He permanent molars do not in any way replace any teeth.